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custom topo map: lower east side


USGS Topo Index

lower east side

  1. Egypt

  2. Scorpion Gulch

  3. Stevens Canyon North

  4. Big Hollow Wash

  5. King Mesa

  6. Stevens Canyon South

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Lower East Side
National Geographic Maps / Offroute

Scale 1 : 30,750
Contour Interval 40 ft.

Get way out there. This topo shows a remote area local canyon freaks refer to as the lower east side. These are the drainages that come into the Escalante River from the east from Georgie's Camp at the north to Stevens Canyon at the south. These unnamed canyons have been given informal names and are described in Canyoneering 3.

  • Complete view of Stevens Canyon and those to the west of Stevens all on one map
  • Hand annotated showing the informal names of each of the canyons as described by Steve Allen
  • Also shows lower Coyote Gulch and Fool's Canyon
  • Printed on water-proof, plastic coated paper
  • 24" x 27", full color

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Topo maps are prepared with a standard map fold and mailed in an envelope.

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