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custom topo map: moody canyon

USGS Topo Index

topo moody canyon

  1. Horse Pasture Mesa

  2. Deer Point

  3. Scorpion Gulch

  4. Steven Canyon N.

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Moody Canyon
National Geographic Maps / Offroute

Scale 1 : 30,750
Contour Interval 40 ft.

Serious Detail. This custom targeted map provides the information of four USGS maps including the lower end of the Straight Cliffs and the full extent of Moody & Middle Moody Canyons from the Escalante River confluence Northeastward all the way to Deer Point and Waterpocket Fold.

  • Printed on very tough, water-proof plastic film that accepts pen & pencil notation
  • 24" x 27", full color

$16.00 plus shipping

Topo maps are prepared with a standard map fold and mailed in an envelope.

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