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photographing the southwest, vol. 1

photographing the suthwest / southern utah

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Photographing the Southwest / Southern Utah
By Laurent Martres
PhotoTripUSA - 2006

Photographing the Southwest is the result of over twenty years experience in exploring and photographing the natural landmarks of the southwest. This guide has all the information you need to make your trip richer and more rewarding.

A must for everyone with a passion for the southwest!

  • 320 pages of great information plus 240 color hotos in this major upgrade of the highly praised first edition, many new locations
  • Clear and precise directions to seldom seen and hard to find sites, not just for photographers, also an excellent hiking guidebook
  • Valuable tips on composition, exposure, and hard-to-shoot scenery
  • Completely reliable travel tips and comprehensive ratings (interest, difficulty. etc.

6" x 9", 320+ pages, maps, photos, soft cover.

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