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photographing the southwest, vol. 2

photographing the southwest arizona

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Photographing the Southwest / Arizona
By Laurent Martres
PhotoTrip USA - Revised 2006

Photographing the Southwest is the result of over twenty years experience in exploring and photographing the natural landmarks of the southwest. This guide has all the information you need to make your trip richer and more rewarding.

  • Winner of prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for "Best Travel Guide"
  • A guide for a grand tour of Arizona starting with an in depth discovery of the Grand Canyon from rim to river as well as Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, the amazing narrows of Antelope Canyon, Coyote Buttes and its crown jewel "The Wave". The colorful areas around Sedona, all the national parks and monuments of the Sonoran Desert and finishing up into the Southern tip of Nevada
  • Clear and concise directions to hundreds f locations. 200+ color photos
  • This book is the culmination of over 20 years exploring and photographing the natural landmarks of the Southwest

6" x 9", 272+ pages, maps, photos, soft cover.

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