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USGS Escalante Map

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Geologic Survey
Escalante Utah Quad Map
Revised 1980

Hard to find high quality color topographic map showing the North end of the Grand Staircase. Generally speaking, the Escalante Drainage shown from Upper Valley to 25 Mile Wash.
To the South it shows Smokey Mountain Road and Hole in the Rock Road heading into the monument. It also includes North Canyon, Main Canyon and Hells Backbone Roads heading North from Highway 12.

This map along with the companion map " Smoky Mountain" Quad is the best source of backcountry road information
for the Kaiparowits Plateau portion of the monument along Smoky Mountain Road.

Not all roads shown are open to vehicle travel and signage is sparse. Please respect the land and stay off of re-vegetated and unused historic roads.

Scale: 1:100,000 scale - metric
Contour interval: 50 meters
30 X 60 minute quadrangle - UTM Grid

24" X 40" full color on paper

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