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utah canyons owners mark saunto and vicki  wren

Escalante is the gateway to Grand Staircase National Monument and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

We are the Escalante Resource for "local information" whether you want to sample the best wilderness day hikes, run the Escalante River or plan an epic multi-day backpacking trip.

We can help! We offer backpack shuttles for any of the excellent point to point trips. Guiding to less traveled "sweet spots", a shop with carefully chosen clothing, gear, guidebooks & custom maps as well as the best organic coffee in these parts.

We love this place. We hike these routes, drive these roads and use the gear we sell!

Call us for any information or planning questions you may have.

We are interested in you having a memorable adventure in this rare and wild landscape.

Thank you testimonials


On Monday 16th May we came into your shop wanting to hire a jeep, driver and guide to explore canyons. To help you recall,during the conversation I admired your 'kit' and it was a new expression for you. Anyway to cut a long story short you told us of the mud/ wet/difficulty and dissuaded us from spending a lot of money with you! You probably rightly assessed that we were a bit old to be canyon scrambling! Instead you sold us a map which you marked for us and gave us your expertise.

I wanted you to know how much we appreciate it. We had a wonderful day, it was a thrill to be following a large scale map in relative wilderness. We found Harris canyon, explored the slick rock above and looked down into the chasm. We followed the wash round to Zebra and explored. as you had told us they were both full of cold deep water and it was a flat light so nothing like the glossy brochures! Mike took off his trousers and waded in thigh deep before retreating. The great thing for us was map reading and enjoying the rock formations not on a predetermined trail.

To get such honest supportive guidance in a tourist area deeply enriched our holiday experience and we wanted you to know that. I've attached photos to prove I'm not making it up!


please customer estelle corbyn uk
ps if you ever come to Yorkshire get in touch and we'll return the compliment and you can stay with us!"

Estelle Corbyn
103, High Street, TS9 7HB.
Landline UK 01642 712671
Mobile UK 07799892845

"Hello Mark & Vicki:

What an unforgettable day I spent with Mark on the 19th. It has long been my dream to hike in a slot canyon and that day lived up to all my expectations and then some! Mark, you are an excellent guide with so much information in your head about the area. I want you to know how much you helped me by telling me just where to place my foot and hands - although sometimes I could hardly make my old knees bend that much. It was good to have a hiking partner like Diana too. She may have been hesitant, but she "manned up" when she had to. It also helped having Tim along - tell him thanks again for me. All in all it was a perfect day. Thanks again for making it happen.

Gail Henley