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utah canyon schuttle services escalante, utah


Utahcanyons offers you the extras that count

  • We service the most remote trailheads
  • Two 4WD Suburbans can handle river runners & groups
  • Your best source for road condition information
  • Check out our “Master Map Set” before you set out for insider tips
  • Detailed route information happily provided
  • Custom topographic maps available                                                            
  • “Last Minute” gear essentials, books, supplies & snacks
  • Organic Coffee expertly roasted and prepared

How it Works

We help you access the exceptional Point-to-Point thru-hikes in this area.
We drive our 4WD & you drive your vehicle to your destination trailhead.
You drop your car there.
We  then take you, your party and gear to the start point trailhead.
Trip duration is flexible, your car is waiting whenever you hike out
(You may need 4WD vehicle to get into some car “drop” locations – please call)

Escalante Airstrip                        $30.00
“Town” trailhead                          $15.00
Spencer Flat                                $60.00
Calf Creek @ Hwy 12                $65.00
Haymaker Bench                        $70.00
Boulder “Airstrip”                         $85.00
Harris Wash                                 $90.00
25 Mile Wash                               $95.00
Egypt Trailhead                         $150.00
Early Weed Bench                    $140.00
Dry Fork Trailhead                    $110.00
Red Well Trailhead                   $110.00
Hurricane Trailhead                  $160.00
40 Mile Ridge or Watertank     $250.00
Willow Gulch                              $250.00
Soda Gulch                                $240.00
Davis Gulch                                $240.00
The Hole in the Rock                $300.00

Vehicle Group sizes of 5 to 7 add $10.00
We provide “customized” shuttles & drop off & pick-up shuttles on a case-by-case basis. 
Please call us at 435-826-4967 with your trip details.


Do you need personalized maps? Want to explore somewhere else?
Come see us, we can help.
Send us an email or call 435-826-4967.